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icons_anonymous's Journal

Icons Anonymous
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Icons Anonymous


   If you are posting more than 4 icons, please put them behind an lj-cut. Don't know how? Ask.

   Don't steal. If you see an icon that you like, please ask permission to use it unless the artist as specified otherwise. If you do not want members to use an icon you've made, it'd be wise not to post it.

   Credit all icons, out of courtesy, even if the artist doesn't require it.

   POST! Not only is this an icon sharing community, but it is an icon help community, as well!

   Please take your requests to a request community. If you are desperate to have a request filled, you may post to see if anyone's willing to make it, and then email them the details when they respond.

   Want to see more icons? Promote us! We need members! You can use this small banner (you may direct link this banner ONLY -- make sure you include a link to the community!)

   Be polite. I don't usually ban people/delete posts, but if you're extremely rude, I might just have to get rid of you. ;)


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